3 recipes featuring the Mushroom Flan

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Three ways with Mushroom Flan


  • Traiteur de Paris Mushroom Flan
  • Pan-fried mushrooms: ceps, girolles, boletuses

  • Mushroom velouté sauce

  • Seared slice of cep

  • Chives

  • Sprig of thyme

Recipe steps:

  1. Pan-fry the mushrooms with a dash of olive oil and the chives
  2. Prepare a mushroom velouté sauce and pour into a shallow bowl

  3. Place the Mushroom Flan in the centre

  4. Sprinkle with the pan-fried mushrooms

  5. Arrange the seared slice of cep on top of the Mushroom Flan

  6. Garnish with a small sprig of thyme
Flan de champignons
Flan de champignons

Mushroom Flan, duck breast and wild asparagus


  • Traiteur de Paris Mushroom Flan
  • Celery purée

  • Reduced cooking juices

  • Wild asparagus

  • Duck breast

Recipe steps:

  1. Cook the duck breast, then slice it in half lengthwise
  2. Smear a spoonful of celery purée onto the plate

  3. Add the wild asparagus cooked tender-crisp

  4. Place the Mushroom Flan baked at 155°C for 22 min

  5. Lace with the reduced cooking juices

Mushroom Flan, pan-fried foie gras, girolle mushrooms and carrots


  • Traiteur de Paris Mushroom Flan
  • Foie gras

  • Carrot purée

  • Carrots

  • Duck pan juices

  • Girolle mushrooms

  • Shiso sprouts

Recipe steps:

  1. In the centre of the plate, place the Mushroom Flan that has been baked for 22 mins at 155°C
  2. Pan-fry the foie gras and arrange it next to the flan

  3. Add a quenelle of carrot purée on the plate

  4. Cook the mushrooms with a dash of olive oil and arrange them attractively on the plate

  5. Do likewise with the carrots

  6. Add the duck pan juices and shiso sprouts as the finishing touch
Flan de champignons