Tartlet: two trendy recipes on video!

Discover two original recipes in video!

How-to video

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Recipe 1: Chocolate and Passion Fruit Symmetry


  • Chocolate tartlet Traiteur de Paris
  • Dark chocolate coulis
  • Passion fruit coulis
  • Yoghurt sorbet

Recipe steps:

  1. Mark out a criss-cross pattern on the plate using chocolate coulis
  2. Decorate with spots of passion fruit coulis
  3. Cut the Chocolate tartlet into four pieces
  4. Place the four pieces in between the criss-cross pattern
  5. Finish the plate with a quenelle of yoghurt sorbet
  6. Decorate the quenelle with a square of dark chocolate
Tartelette au chocolat Traiteur de Paris

Recipe 2: Chocolate tartlet and quenelle


  • Chocolate tartlet Traiteur de Paris
  • Whipped dark chocolate ganache
  • Cocoa powder

Recipe steps:

  1. Dust the centre of the plate with cocoa powder
  2. Place the Traiteur de Paris Chocolate tartlet in the centre of the plate
  3. Add a quenelle of whipped chocolate ganache on top of the tartlet
  4. Slide a shard of dark chocolate into the quenelle