Supplier to caterers

Well thought creations by and for Caterers

Partner of and supplier to Caterers for nearly 20 years, Traiteur de Paris has progressively become a brand of reference appreciated by the professionals, and this is not by chance.

Born from the encounter of Chef Yann Le Moal and young entrepreneur Denis Pinault, Traiteur de Paris is first recognised as an artisan caterer and organiser of receptions.

Prestigious cocktail parties, weddings, seminars…, the business acquires a good reputation in the capital. In order to meet the organisation challenges and a strong seasonality, both associates decide to prepare some of their creations in advance and to freeze them to protect their level of excellence and the natural quality of the products.

As the years pass, and thanks to a perfect control of the art of freezing, the small business grows, and markets its products to trustworthy partners, and more specifically caterers.

Quality products designed to facilitate the caterers’ services

Having gained valuable experience and genuinely professional, Traiteur de Paris offers a range perfectly adapted to your expectations and constraints as caterers and organiser of receptions.

Our Chefs select top quality raw materials, also considering the convenience in use and meet the challenges of extended parties.

Packaging is designed to make your life easier.

The range includes:

Montages d'assiettes en cuisine par un chef

In order to provide high quality products, our Chefs keep a watchful eye on tastes, textures, the quality and origin of the raw materials.

The Traiteur de Paris creations are highly praised for their flavours, refinement and perfect result once defrosted.

In order to better assist you, our Chefs film videos to show multiple ideas for the preparation and presentation for refined plating up.

All our products are available from food, dessert or restauration wholesalers.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.



Discover the new creations developed by Traiteur de Paris chefs in our new Collection 2020. Delicious surprises are waiting for you!