Supplier to the fast-food industry

Products adapted to the requirements of the fast-food industry

Partner and supplier to the snacking and fast-food sectors, Traiteur de Paris has progressively become a brand of reference much appreciated by snacking professionals.

Our Chefs select top quality raw materials in order to offer a range of nomadic products easy to get ready to serve, beautifully presented and with irreproachable flavours.

Our range, consisting of a large variety of recipes and produced in our La Guerche de Bretagne or Fécamp plants, is adapted to the constraints of the premium fast-food industry.

From snacking to premium fast-food sectors

As an example, the range consists of:

  • Cold and hot starters (pepper duo, smoked salmon and cream cheese with dill, fine tomato tart)
  • Prepared vegetables (gratins, quenelles, vegetable tian, mousse or flan)
  • Desserts and Cakes (chocolate fondant, cheesecake, Tatin tart, Tiramisu, panna cotta, fine apple tart, red berries charlotte, chocolate or lemon curd tart…)
  • Savoury and sweet culinary aids (pancakes, crumble, Financier bases, mini savoury bases or mini cakes ready to garnish)

As a supplier to the snacking and premium fast-food industry, our teams focus on tastes, textures, the quality and origin of the raw materials, while making sure they are perfect after thawing.
The packaging has been specially designed to meet your time and storage constraints.

Cheesecake speculoos

In order to better assist you, our Chefs film videos to show multiple ideas for the preparation suitable in your professional activities.

Our desserts can be presented in verrines with lids, the gratins in elegant wooden moulds with parchment paper.

They are available from food, fast-food or snacking wholesalers.

Do not hesitate to ask or contact us for further information.



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