Tag de produit: Chocolate and caramel deserts

Chocolate tartlet

The Chocolate tartlet is the jewel of gourmet pâtisserie. Traiteur de Paris’ recipe stands out for its generous chocolate content and elegant trimmings. Our chefs have added that little extra touch that makes all the difference for true chocoholics: a base that’s also made of chocolate! In the recipe details you’ll find an all-chocolate blend […]

Tartelette au chocolat
Cheesecake au caramel

Caramel cheescake

The Caramel cheesecake recipe is the perfect blend of the famous American dessert and a caramel flavour full of childhood memories. Traiteur de Paris promises you a contemporary dessert that’s bound to be a hit with cheesecake lovers and caramel addicts alike! This ideal balance between vanilla and caramel flavours combined in a cheesecake presentation, […]

Chocolate cheesecake

One of today’s trendiest products, the Traiteur de Paris cheesecake is composed of a plain crumble base topped with a chocolate and American cream cheese preparation that gives the dessert its incomparable texture. It has a well-balanced flavour with an exquisite chocolate taste that lingers in the mouth. And to give it an extra-special touch, […]

Cheesecake Chocolat
Moelleux au chocolat taïnori® de valrhona®

Fondant with Taïnori® chocolate of Valrhona®

To create this product, Traiteur de Paris’ pastry chefs have selected Grand Cru Taïnori® chocolate with 64% cocoa from the Dominican Republic. It has a fruity, intense character which has gained a reputation among chefs around the world. Fondant With Taïnori® Chocolate By Valrhona® has a melt-in-the-mouth texture and a superbly runny chocolate centre, so […]

Chocolate fondant

Traiteur de Paris’ Chocolate Fondant is the essential star of your dessert menu. It has a remarkably intense chocolate flavour (22.4%) and all the melting texture of a superbly runny chocolate centre. This simple, natural product is made using superior quality ingredients (butter, eggs, flour, milk and sugar) and is guaranteed to be free of […]

Moelleux Chocolat

Premium chocolate fondant

Traiteur de Paris’ Premium chocolate fondant is created specially for all lovers of this essential gourmet dessert. It is made extra-special by its intense 22.4% ingredient, chocolate, whose 58% cocoa content provides a distinct chocolatey taste alongside a very runny chocolate centre and a soft cake texture. It comes in individual 90g portion, which lets […]

Triple chocolate cake

This modern, sophisticated-looking dessert combines three perfectly balanced chocolate flavours with rich ingredients and contrasting textures. It uses a chocolate biscuit & crunchy chocolate rectangle, dark chocolate (58% cocoa) ganache, a milk chocolate mousse and a white chocolate mousse which is piped on to create an artisanal effect. This product is guaranteed to be 100% […]

Caramel delight with salted butter with guérande salt

Guerande Salted Butter Caramel Delights are 100% caramel desserts guaranteed to please everyone who loves that popular sweet flavour. It has a gorgeous mixture of textures with a crumble base topped with a caramel cream and a further light cream layer with a hint of caramel flavour. It is topped off with a crumble decoration. […]


Traiteur de Paris has revisited the essential Italian tiramisu to make an individually portioned dessert. This dessert gets its character from its combination of biscuit steeped in coffee, Marsala and rum and the creaminess of a mascarpone mousse. As a final touch, a generous scoop of mascarpone is added and sprinkled with cocoa to give […]

Chocolate slice

Chocolate Slices are inspired by Parisian pastry chefs’ greatest creations and their contemporary shape, which is both slender and neat, never fails to delight. This dessert uses a notably chocolate-rich recipe with a high cocoa content (71%). The chocolate is Ecuadorian in origin and has been selected by Traiteur de Paris’ chefs for its sweetness […]


Traiteur de Paris’ gourmet, sophisticated Opéras layer plain joconde biscuit, a delicate chocolate ganache and a light butter cream with a light coffee aroma, all covered with chocolate icing as the finishing touch. This French pastry classic has here been redesigned by our chefs in a finger food version. It stands out for its very […]

Chocolate and caramel duo

The Chocolate and Caramel Duo has been dreamt up by the chefs at Traiteur de Paris to combine a 72% cocoa chocolate mousse with a caramel cream on a chocolate crumble base. This essential dessert marries various textures (crumble, chocolate mousse and caramel cream) to create flavours which really pop on the palate. This product […]

Gianduja shortbread cake

The chefs at Traiteur de Paris have combined chocolate cream and Gianduja hazelnut fondant with a crunchy crumble to create a mix of textures and flavours which could not be tastier on the palate. Gianduja Shortbread Cake comes ready to serve and decorated in gourmet style with almond slivers, ground hazelnuts, candied orange pieces and […]


Truffons stand out for their intense chocolate content. Their 72% cocoa dark chocolate ganache is topped with a 58% cocoa chocolate mousse. The crunchy meringue centre contrasts well with the chocolate fondant. This product is made using quality ingredients which have been carefully selected by the chefs at Traiteur de Paris and is guaranteed to […]

Brownie-style fondant

Traiteur de Paris’ Brownie-style Fondants are made using a gourmet recipe that includes plenty of 58% cocoa chocolate. This little cake is sprinkled with chopped pecans to get that famous American brownie flavour and give this mini dessert a fabulous crunch. This miniature version of the classic dessert is ideal for gourmet coffee breaks and […]

Mini chocolate fondant

Traiteur de Paris is revisiting a French cake-making classic with a version which is miniature but no less gourmet! It suits multiple settings&nbsp such as cocktail party buffets, mid-meeting breaks, and gourmet tea and coffee breaks. This intensely chocolatey mini dessert has a particularly melt-in-the-mouth texture and a superbly runny middle made using 72% cocoa […]