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Lemon meringue tartlet

The Lemon meringue tartlet is a well-known French pâtisserie classic whose success has extended well beyond the country’s borders. The recipe created by Traiteur de Paris Chefs stands out for the quality of raw materials used and the perfect balance of flavours and textures. A very crunchy, buttery shortcrust pasty (14% butter) blends with a […]

Tartelette au citron meringuée
Tartelette au citron

Lemon tartlet

A vital element in your dessert menus, the Lemon tartlet is a well-known French pâtisserie classic that’s always a hit. The careful selection of raw materials enhances the fine quality of the recipe concocted by the Traiteur de Paris Chefs. A very crunchy, buttery shortcrust pastry (14% butter) blends with a fondant lemon curd garnish […]

Lemon slice

The Traiteur de Paris Lemon Slice stands out by its bold flavour that is sure to add an original touch to your dessert selection. Citrus lovers will adore the burst of lemon through a blend of moist and creamy textures. Based on a traditional and natural recipe, the Lemon Slice is composed of a delicate […]

Lingot citron

Red berries charlotte

Red Berry Charlotte has an elegant look and a sweet, tangy combination of flavours. This dessert includes a gourmet genoise sponge cake with raspberry pieces, a vanilla flavoured mousse and a red berry jelly. As a final touch, it is decorated with whole red berries (raspberries, blackberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants) and pistachio pieces. Its genoise […]

Apple tart with fine crust

Traiteur de Paris’ Apple Tart with a Fine Crust is made using a traditional, gourmet, high-quality recipe. This fruit-rich French pastry classic is made extra-special by its apples lightly sprinkled with cinnamon and its crispy butter puff pastry. This fruity, tasty dessert has a refined, artisanal look thanks to its apples arranged to fan out […]

Panna cotta and mango shortbread

Panna Cotta And Mango Shortbread is a fresh, fashionable dessert that is ideal for your summer menus. The panna cotta has a tasty touch of coconut and sits atop an elegantly coconut-flavoured crumble. It is covered with a layer of mango and passion fruit jelly and a few cubes of partially candied mango. This product […]

Apple tatin tart

Apple Tarte Tatins are famous the world over as a fruity gourmet dessert which perfectly suits every time of year. This French pastry classic stands out for its use of quality ingredients: apples with a delicious caramel flavour are layered on a delicious, authentic shortcrust butter pastry. Tarte Tatins reveal their intense, generous caramelised apple […]

Red berries cheesecake

Red Berry Cheesecake marries the flavours of the famous New York dessert with all the delicacy of red berries. This cake has a crumble base topped with a cheesecake mix followed by a layer of raspberry jelly. It is generously decorated with whole red berries (blackberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants) which bring a lovely tangy, […]

Raspberry and strawberry tiramisu

With its Raspberry And Strawberry Tiramisu, Traiteur de Paris is redesigning the famous Italian tiramisu with added fruit. This gourmet product combines biscuit steeped in raspberry and strawberry syrup with a creamy mascarpone mousse. To give it an elegant, refined finish, it is topped with a generous scoop of mascarpone, a piece of white chocolate […]

Tiramisu framboise fraise

Lemon meringue pie

Lemon Meringue Pies are tangy, fresh and light, offering a lovely mix of textures on the palate and a resolutely modern, elegant look. This essential dessert is made using a crispy butter shortcrust combined with a slightly tangy lemon cream mix and a light Italian meringue. This Lemon Meringue Pies’ sophisticated final touch is its […]