Sweet petits fours

This platter of Sweet Petits Fours is a riot of colour that introduces your guests to French pastry classics. These have been redesigned with a simple, winning variety of flavours.

8 emblematic recipes are included, such as prune cake, praline cream choux and chocolate eclairs. These Sweet Petits Fours come in all different shapes and have various soft, melt-in-the-mouth and crunchy textures and a colourful look.

This high-quality assortment of 48 items is perfect for cocktail party buffets and mid-meeting breaks.

They are guaranteed to be free of preservatives and flavour enhancers.

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To use

Remove the plastic film before defrosting. Leave to defrost at 4°C for 2 h.

Product code: 0145301

Tray of 48 items (0.600 kg)

For a light cocktail party, offer 8 to 10 savoury and sweet canapés. Offer 15 to 20 canapés per guest at dinner cocktail parties.

6 Prune Fars Bretons.
6 Lemon slices (Marly biscuit, lemon cream, milk foam, orange and lemon toppings).
6 Almond sponges, confectioner’s custard, pineapple, pistachio nuts.
6 Raspberry and vanilla squares (sponge cake, vanilla mousse, raspberry mousse, raspberry jelly).
6 traditional cakes, chocolate ganache, chopped hazelnuts.
6 Praline choux pastries.
6 Chocolate éclairs, chocolate icing.
6 Pistachio almond sponges, raspberry cream, raspberry.*

* This information is provided for guidance purposes only. Only the list of ingredients on the label of the product is deemed authentic.

Typical values (per 100g)
Caloric value (kcal)315 kcal
Energy value (kJ)1315 kJ
Protein6.1 g
Fat17.7 g
of which saturate fat9 g
Carbohydrate32 g
of which sugars26.5 g
Fibre1.6 g
Sodium84 mg
Salt0.21 g
Case dimensions in mm (WxDxH)390 x 296 x 50
Gross weight (kg)0.890 kg
Net weight (kg)0.600 kg

Storage instructions before defrosting
Store at -18°C.

Storage instructions after defrosting
Maintain defrosted products between 0 and 4°C for 24 hours maximum. Never refreeze thawed products.