Traiteur de paris

Made by Chefs for Chefs,
Traiteur de Paris’ signature is our basic philosophy:
making your life easier and help you save time in the kitchen.

Traiteur de paris, the french “art de vivre”

Launched 20 years ago, we produce delicacies (canapés, petits fours), individual desserts, part-cooked vegetables and other top quality culinary aids for the catering industry. Every day, more than 400 employees – cooks, pastry Chefs and culinary experts – prepare dishes in our production sites in Brittany and Normandy, using the most traditional methods. Thanks to the help of freezing methods, which remain the best way to guarantee the quality of our products, we export this typically French know-how throughout the world.

Combining tradition and modern methods, Traiteur de Paris supplies an exhaustive variety of desserts, widely acknowledged as perfectly designed : Fondant with chocolate of Valrhona®, Opera, Cheesecake, Chocolate and Lemon curd tartlets, petits fours, etc. You will just have to make your selection.

Traiteur de Paris was the result of an encounter, that of Yann Le Moal, a passionate pastry Chef, and Denis Pinault, a young entrepreneur.

In 1996, they started building a small catering business, a few minutes away from Paris. The commercial acumen of one added to the creativity of the other meant it took no time for them to push out the walls. The small business grew, benefiting from an increasing image in the capital. Gorgeous cocktail parties, weddings, seminars…, requests for its services simply pour in, with a strong focus on seasonality – which makes the partners increasingly arduous. In order to cope with these constraints, they decide to prepare some of their creations in advance, and to freeze them to safeguard the excellence and quality level of their produces.

Throughout the years, and thanks to perfectly mastering the freezing process, the small business expands. Its produces are now marketed worldwide through trustworthy partners in order to meet the requirements of food professionals in order to meet the expectations of professional caterers. Creativity and quality remain at the core of our priorities.
Today, Traiteur de Paris is an ongoing family business, employing over 400 staff in its La Guerche de Bretagne and Fécamp outlets, and to display its commitment to the profession and put together passionate teams.

Bâtiment Traiteur de Paris

Key dates

  • 1996 – Launch of a catering lab at Chevilly Larue [F(94)] – fresh food
  • 1999 – Launch of the production of frozen canapés and petits fours
  • 2000 – Building of the La Guerche de Bretagne plant, specialising in frozen food (3,000 m²)
  • 2002 – Launch of the production of frozen desserts
  • 2006 – Opening of the Fécamp plant (12,000 m²) specialising in individual portions
  • 2008 – Development of the Traiteur de Paris brand in Europe
  • 2010 – Introduction of Traiteur de Paris to the larger market, in particular in Asia and South America

Supplier of fine pastries, delicacies or prepared vegetables, Traiteur de Paris has one main focus : to offer its know-how at its best through a range of premium and bespoke products, only to professionals.

Denis Pinault, Chairman & CEO

Traiteur de paris worldwide

From Paris to Dubai, via New-York or Tokyo, French cuisine has a worldwide image.

Traiteur de Paris has developed partnerships with many Chefs throughout the world, and created a network of more than 350 distributors.

Our products are now available in over 60 countries:
South Africa, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Cyprus, Korea, Ivory Coast, Denmark, Overseas French departments and territories, UAE, Spain, Estonia, United States, Finland, France, Gabon, Greece, Hong-Kong, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, the Philippines, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco, Mexico, Norway, New-Zealand, Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Qatar, Czech Republic, United-Kingdom, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Sweden, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand.

Selected and trained by the Traiteur de Paris teams, our partners are on the doorstep of our customers.

Carte du monde

The team of chefs

The pastry and other Chefs at Traiteur de Paris come from the most renowned establishments.
Culinary engineers complement the team in order to provide their meticulousness and ability to train daily the staff operating in our production plants. We hold special sessions to ensure that everyone is aware of the utmost standard and quality of the Traiteur de Paris products.

Freezing, a guarantee of the distinction of our products

Freezing is the most natural way of protecting the distinction of our products. It is the best method to preserve their nutritional qualities, taste and textures.
Thanks to this technique, the products will keep for a prolonged time, hence limiting waste. Seasonality is another advantage provided by this method.

A permanent and essential commitment to quality

In order to meet perfectly the expectations of its customers, Traiteur de Paris claims an ever increasing Premium position.

The selection of raw materials is a key priority for our head Chef, Yann Le Moal, and his teams. Our ingredients are chosen very carefully :

  • Le Gouessant potatoes, produced in Brittany
  • Apples grown in French orchards
  • Produces from various French regions (liquid cream, flour, biscuits…)

The quality of our packaging and the logistics of Traiteur de Paris are essential to provide professionals with a perfect, practical and personalised product.

Leon Cochon

Thanks to this crucial requirement, we can share our passion for French cuisine and pastry, an exceptional culinary heritage.

Yann Le Moal, R&D Manager
Montage d'assiette en cuisine par un chef