Mini Cheesecake Assortment

Add a unique twist to your dessert buffets with this assortment of four French-style mini cheesecakes in fruit and gourmet versions.

A well thought-out frozen Food Service product, created just for you.

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Mini Cheesecake Assortment

Made for the hospitality sector, the mini cheesecake assortment will fit perfectly alongside your own creations for a varied, colourful buffet.  Traiteur de Paris has created four exceptional variations on the original cheesecake: a lemon cheesecake, a raspberry cheesecake, a caramel cheesecake and a chocolate cheesecake.

  • Our best-seller in four mini versions for an innovative take on the cheesecake trend.
  • Generous two-bite portions (20g).
  • French-style cheesecake recipe: lighter and more modern with less sugar.
Mini Cheesecake Assortment

(serving suggestion)

Mini Cheesecake recipes

Traiteur de Paris has revisited the traditional American cheesecake recipe. These mini cheesecakes are much lighter and feature an almond crumble and a cream cheese made with fromage frais and eggs. Our patisserie chefs then took this cheesecake base and created four flavours.

The mini cheesecake assortment features a caramel cheesecake with Guérande fleur de sel salted butter, a cheesecake with Rainforest certified dark chocolate and two other cheesecakes, one with a raspberry jelly and the other with a lemon jelly.

Technical and logistical information

Product code: 006322
Best before date: 547 days
Sell-by date: 180 days
Use-by date after defrosting: 24 hours at +4°C
Packaging: 1 tray of 48 pastries
Product dimensions: Ø 4 cm H: 28 mm
Box dimensions: 390 x 296 x 50 mm
Palletisation: 280 or 350 cases

Made in France

Preparation advice

Allow the mini cheesecake assortment to defrost for three hours at +4°C.

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