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“At Traiteur de Paris, we put our heart and soul into making the best products every day. First of all, we create original recipes that have a signature taste. Then, we produce unique items in our production sites. The reason we are so involved is so that you can feel the special care taken in every one of our products. “

Yann Le Moal
Executive Chef and Cofounder of Traiteur de Paris

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Denis Pinault


25 years ago Denis Pinault, drawing on his first successful experience in the high-end catering world, gambles on the creation of his first company. At just 23 years old, Denis lays the groundwork for what is to become a success several years later in more than 60 countries: Traiteur de Paris

Today, Denis Pinault is the Managing Director.

Yann Le Moal


After spending several years as the Head Pastry Chef at the Sofitel Tahiti and alongside Traiteur Potel & Chabot, Yann Le Moal also works for starred restaurants in Paris. A pastry chef by training Yann quickly adds a second string to his bow: traditional French cuisine

Today Yann Le Moal is Deputy Managing Director


The meeting of 2 enthusiasts

1995 sees the birth of Traiteur de Paris. Two great enthusiasts meet: Denis Pinault and Yann Le Moal. One is a young entrepreneur with a vision, whereas the other is already a great creative Head Pastry Chef.

It is the mutual desire and ambition to charm the very enthusiastic clientèle for Gastronomy and the French lifestyle, which will, quite naturally, bond these two superb personalities. They don’t yet know it, but this year marks the beginning of a collaboration that promises a great future.


Creation of a catering workshop

In their very first workshop, nestled several kilometres from Paris, Denis and Yann create a Premium catering offer for weddings, company cocktail parties and other Parisian receptions.


Traditional craftsmanship

Events accelerate and, confronted with the growing success of Traiteur de Paris, Yann and Denis need to think bigger. In fact, having been in existence for only two years, Traiteur de Paris no longer has to make a name for itself. So, when a prestigious customer contacts them for a reception for 2000 people, i.e. more than 15,000 petit fours and savoury canapés, it is time for Denis Pinault and Yann Le Moal to design a new future for Traiteur de Paris.


The choice of deep freezing

How can sweet treats and sweet petit fours be made in large quantities whilst retaining Traiteur de Paris’s characteristic level of excellence?

Once again the creative, visionary minds of these two partners make the innovative choice: deep freezing. This storage technique not only provides perfect restoration of flavours and nutritional values, but also enables Traiteur de Paris to think bigger and bigger.


La Guerche de Bretagne

Traiteur de Paris celebrates with verve.
Prestigious collaborations increase, and the development of new frozen products accelerates.

It is now time for Traiteur de Paris to open its first production workshop in La Guerche de Bretagne (35), on Denis Pinault’s home soil. This production site is devoted mainly to the production of petit fours, canapés and sweet treats in trays of 48 and 54 items.



The years pass and 2006 sees the opening of a second workshop of 12,000 m2 in Fécamp, Normandy.

180 chefs and patisserie chefs produce cakes, cooked vegetables, individual patisseries and verrines daily. Very quickly the potato gratin and the chocolate cake become bestsellers. With production capacity of 500,000 items per day, Traiteur de Paris passes a new milestone.



It is now time for Traiteur de Paris to tackle the international markets. Traiteur de Paris firstly concentrates its efforts on Europe, particularly the UK and Spain. Followed quickly by Germany, the Benelux countries and Italy.

After this resounding European success, Traiteur de Paris mobilises new teams in the United States and Asia. 2018 sees Traiteur de Paris rewarded with the Oscar d’Ille et Vilaine for its development abroad.


Extension of La Guerche de Bretagne

The La Guerche de Bretagne production workshop opened in 2000 is considerably changed and extended. In fact, its entire operation is reviewed in order to improve industrial performance.

This is also the chance for Traiteur de Paris to develop a new production line devoted to the manufacture of our 6 macaron recipes, made 100% in Brittany.

2021 to...

Made by Chefs for Chefs

For 25 years Traiteur de Paris takes the lead as an essential player in Outside Catering and Food Service.

From the traditional restaurant industry to onboard catering and snack service, not to mention the hotel industry, caterers and institutional catering, Traiteur de Paris offers a complete range of Premium frozen products.

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