Premium Chocolate Fondant

The French people’s preferred cake in a Premium version is even richer in chocolate. The Premium Chocolate Fondant is a dessert that you must have in your catering offer.

A well thought-out frozen Food Service product, created just for you.

Events, Institutional catering, Traditional restaurant industry, …

Premium Chocolate Fondant

The Traiteur de Paris Premium Chocolate Fondant stands out with an intense recipe that has 22.4% chocolate with 58% cocoa. The individual 90-gram format allows good portion cost control and flawless service.

  • Intensely chocolatey, Rainforest-certified (from a sustainable sector): 22.4% chocolate.
  • Perfect preparation with a runny centre.
Premium Chocolate Fondant

(serving suggestion)

The Premium Chocolate Fondant Recipe

The Traiteur de Paris Premium Chocolate Fondant is cooked in our Normandy workshops. It is a product that falls with the French patisserie tradition. Indeed, our recipe is certified to be palm oil-free and made of Rainforest-certified chocolate with 60% cocoa.

Technical and logistical information

Product code: 000380
Best before date: 730 days
Sell-by date: 180 days
Use-by date after defrosting: 5 days between 0 and 4°C
Packaging: 20 items of 90 g
Product dimensions: 7 cm in diameter
Box dimensions: 390 x 296 x 62 mm
Palletisation: 200 and 250 cases

Made in France

Preparation advice

For a hot, runny fondant:
In a traditional oven reheat for 16 minutes at 180°C or in the microwave for between 40 and 50 seconds at 750 W.

For a cold, runny fondant:
Allow to defrost for 2 h at 4°C.

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