San Sebastian Cheesecake

Our San Sebastian Cheesecake is based on the original recipe and made with just a few high-quality ingredients to produce its rich and creamy texture signature. Indulgent, yet sophisticated, it is also easy to personalise and to set up as the chef’s wishes and/ or following the season.

A well thought-out frozen Food Service product, created just for you.

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San Sebastian Cheesecake

Do you know the history of the Burnt Basque Cheesecake? As the name suggests, the San Sebastian Cheesecake, originates from San Sebastian in Spain’s Basque Country. It was a San Sebastian-based restaurant called La Viña that served the San Sebastian cheesecake for the first time. Today the Basque Cheesecake is enjoyed throughout the world and has won over even the most discerning connoisseurs.

  • An iconic dessert from the Basque region made of just nine high-quality ingredients, to ensure the recipe remains true to the original version, as if it were freshly made in your kitchen.
  • With a caramelised top, the San Sebastian Cheesecake has a deliciously creamy center. Perfect balance between indulgence, delicacy and sophistication.
  • This individual dessert can be eaten all year round and it is quick and easy to prepare. Anyone can make it his own, by serving it as it is or with a side, it can suit all selling options.
San Sebastian Cheesecake

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Our San Sebastian Cheesecake recipe

The defining feature of the Basque Cheesecake is its burnt top and its smooth and creamy heart. Our Patisserie chefs have honed their San Sebastian Cheesecake recipe to ensure the top is wonderfully caramelised, while the mixt fromage frais and mascarpone is creamy with a touch of vanilla.

Our San Sebastian Cheesecake can be served with a red fruit coulis, a chocolate sauce or a dash of caramel and roasted hazelnuts. It is also perfect as part of a takeaway lunch option.

Technical and logistical information

Product code: 006633
Best before date: 730 days
Sell-by date: 180 days
Use-by date after defrosting: 48 hours at +4°C
Packaging: 20 x 95 g units
Product dimensions: Ø 7 cm
Box dimensions: 388 x 294 x 62 mm
Palletisation: 200 boxes

Made in France

Preparation advice

Remove the plastic film and leave to defrost for 3 hours at +4°C.

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